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John Kattenhorn
Founder of Applicita


  • What is bespoke software and how will it benefit me?

    Bespoke literally means “made for a particular customer or user”.  Many organisations find themselves using a variety of platforms and off the shelf software applications, and struggle to integrate these effectively into their business. We see organisations frequently adjusting their process to fit the limitations of ‘one size fits all’ software, meaning sub-optimal work arounds prone to errors.

    Where an organisation has a complex or unique business flow, a bespoke solution, tailored to the intricacies of their business will mean a more effective workflow that minimises user error and fits their operational requirement.

  • What technologies do you use?

    We’re Microsoft first developers: As a Microsoft Silver Partner. we have been building solutions with Microsoft technologies for over a decade. That does not mean we exclude other technologies, and we will recommend what we believe to be the most suitable technology tools once we fully understand the customer requirements.

  • How do you deliver software?

    We’re agile development advocates and experience has shown us that this method of delivery often gives better results, faster than the more traditional waterfall approach.  Although not wedded to either, we discuss the merits and pitfalls of both these methodologies at the early engagement stage with our customers to understand which would be the best approach for them.

  • How long will it take?

    Applicita specialise in large complex B2B business applications. All applications have common components e.g. the ability to add a system user, we have developed the Ossatura framework which already has these common features, this means we can get to creating business value quickly.

    Our Business Analysts will work with the Key stakeholders in the customers organisation to understand the scope, the feature set, and the acceptance criteria. Once we have this information our engineers will estimate the time to deliver the software.

  • How secure is your software?

    Business applications hold a huge volume of sensitive data and that is why we take a rigorous approach to security when developing, testing, and deploying software.  During development, our engineers assess all potential vulnerabilities, third-party integrations, and data management. This approach enables us to identify potential risks and formulate policies to mitigate them during the prospecting stage.

    All software is designed and developed following Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) practices and we actively test our code with security scanning tools like White source, SonarQube and where appropriate, organise independent penetration tests.

  • How is the project managed?

    Each engineering team is supported by a technical team lead, a business analyst, a scrum master, and a delivery / project manager.   The delivery / PM will act as the interface between the team and the customer.  Most of our projects are delivered using Agile methodology meaning that functionality is delivered in small incremental steps and completed work is demonstrated to the customer frequently. It’s important to the success of software delivery projects, that the customer plays an active role and so a Product Owner or Key stakeholder should be appointed to ensure a continuous flow of feedback between the organisation and the delivery team.

  • How do you ensure the quality of your software?

    To ensure world-class software quality throughout the development process, we employ several methods.  All software development begins with the architecture – to ensure the quality of this vital first building block, we established the Technical Steering Group (TSG).  This group is comprised of our most talented and experienced engineers and technical architects – with a combined 150 years of experience.

    Once through the TSG gate, the engineers’ code must pass a code review, where their code is examined for odours, vulnerabilities, and performance.  As well as manual peer reviews, we employ automated code reviews, updated regularly these help our teams identify and resolve issues quickly.

    Once the code has passed review, it is ready to be validated by our quality assurance engineers. To make this process as efficient as possible, in addition to manual QA, we employ automation tests that find flaws in a matter of minutes, which can then be quickly rectified to keep the project on track.

  • Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP)?

    Always the customer.  Our contracts give clear and unimpeded rights to the software developed by Applicita to our customers.