One of the things graduates get asked constantly is what are your plans once you graduate or have you secured a job yet. Some people who have mapped out their paths have clear answers to these questions, but for many of us we are still discovering what our passions and strengths are in life. After graduating, you may feel a sense of pressure to land your dream job within the first six months. However, it’s also important to take your time and find a role which aligns with your skillset with future prospects in mind.


Having said this, reflecting on my first 8 weeks as a Marketing Executive at Applicita its difficult to know where to start and fair to say to role is varied. From day one, I had to become familiar with all aspects of the business, including technical capabilities, marketing, and sales strategies. In general, the first few weeks involved a lot of content, which was helpful in giving me a roadmap of approaches we’d already tried and ideas we could apply to future marketing strategies. 

joining at an exciting time

From the offset it was clear Applicita are experts in identifying the software/ technological difficulties and providing innovative solutions for these, however, as with many businesses marketing does not progress at the same rate as the business itself. It becomes the responsibility of the marketing department to convey in simple terms the technical capabilities of the business, so it resonates with the audience and future clients. Of course, anyone’s experience working in marketing is going to largely depend on the company and the role, but I joined at the right time to see through the rebranding of Applicita. The purpose of my role is to essentially implement our marketing strategies to support the (new!) brand and play an integral role of the brand’s awareness through content creation, copywriting, campaign monitoring and social media management.

As we are a fully remote business (10 years this year!), daily and weekly team meetings are absolutely vital in communicating between departments. It’s great to jump on a call for a content brainstorm or to share ideas, reflect on progress and to be unified by everyone from the comfort of your own home.

At present, we are undergoing an exciting transition as a business, in which we are developing our tone of voice that aligns with our brand positioning and ensuring that this is filtered throughout the organisation. Although it’s tempting to think that marketing/social media work is just about a specific piece of content or post on a specific platform, but it covers the whole client journey. This involves working across departments to gain access to insights from a variety of angles and draw your own conclusions.

It’s about constantly challenging what you already know and wanting to dig deeper and explore more concepts. 

final thoughts

As a final thought, it’s always important to be self-developing as there’s always something new to learn. Due in part to the pandemic, webinars and podcasts have increased dramatically, so it is useful to apply these learnings to our work during these challenging times. Ultimately, plans can change rapidly, so you have to be flexible with your thinking. Putting theory into practice is a great way to adapt to working life, but the real world throws a few curve balls too.

So, it’s best to get stuck in and be willing to learn because every day brings new challenges.